College Transcript Instructions

    It is your responsibility as a student to provide Utah Tech University with ALL your previous College / University transcripts.

    There are several options in acquiring your College / University transcripts.

    OPTION 1: 
    You can contact the Registrars / Records office of your previous College / University directly, and request that your transcripts be sent to Utah Tech University.
    • Example of the process:
      • Visit your previous College's main website, typically they will have a search box / tool.
      • In the search box, enter something like "request transcript", "transcript" or "registrar" and your search results should provide the instructions of how to request a transcript from that school. If you don't see their specific instructions, you may have to contact that schools Registrar / Records office directly via phone, chat or email and make the request.
      • You will need to request that they send an OFFICIAL transcript to Utah Tech University. (See address below)

    OPTION 2:
    You can request that your transcripts be sent to Utah Tech University by using a 3rd party online resource. Go to the the 'Student Clearinghouse'. (Use the online student clearinghouse), and complete the process.
    *There will typically be a small fee that the 3rd party charges for using this service.

    Questions / Answers
     Where do I have my previous OFFICIAL College / University transcripts sent?
    • Physical Address:
    Utah Tech University
    Registrar 225 S. University Ave.
    St. George, Utah,
    • If you have OFFICIAL College / University transcripts physically sent to us, make sure that they are in an unopened envelope directly from the College / University stamped with "OFFICIAL Transcript" on them, or we cannot accept them.

    Do my College / University transcripts have to be OFFICIAL?
    • Yes. If they are not OFFICIAL, we cannot accept them.
    Do I have to send ALL of my transcripts to Utah Tech University? Even transcripts where I didn't do so well? Or somewhere I went a long time ago?
    • Yes. All of your College/University transcripts are required for degree-seeking students and for financial aid eligibility.
    I requested that my transcripts were sent to Utah Tech University, do you have them?
    • First, check your application status page and see if we have received them, they should be marked with a green check box. If you had them sent, please allow several days for them to be sent to us and then processed on our end.
    • Second, contact the Registrars office to verify. Email: