Ambassador Application

    Please read before filling out the application for the Utah Tech Ambassador Program below

    The Utah Tech Ambassadors are a departmental organization under the Admission's Office. As an Ambassador, you will be supporting the overall Utah Tech University's Admission's goals and mission. 

    Ambassadors are asked to participate in a variety of recruitment events including campus tours, high school visits, overnight campus visits, as well as other recruitment programs. Traveling off campus will be required for any ambassador on the team. Additional participation in recruitment committees and campus involvement is encouraged. An Ambassador should be a well-rounded individual who loves Utah Tech University and wants to support the overall growth and mission of the University as a whole. To read more, please see the Ambassador Contract.

    As an Ambassador, you join a group of students who becomes your family. That family is guided by a Mission, a Creed, and an Ethos. Please read them below and ask yourself if you identify with them: 

    The Mission of Utah Tech Ambassadors is three fold:
    Connect with Each Other: The Ambassador program is a
    family of high-achieving individuals. Our first and foremost
    priority is to uplift and support each other.

    Connect with Others: Our highest priority beyond our
    immediate Ambassador family is going out of our way to
    ensure others feel welcome and supported.

    Connect with Self: Each member of the Ambassador family is
    dedicated to self-improvement. The ultimate mission is for
    each Ambassador to become a complete individual with
    positive influence in the world.

    Ambassador Creed:
    I do not seek to passively exist, but to actively live, learn, and connect with others. Therefore, I volunteered and was selected to join a prestigious family of other high-achieving individuals.

    I chose to accept this great opportunity. I am compensated for my time, but the savor of service and a life of purpose is compensation enough.

    I am a leader. I know that to lead is to serve; and in whatever capacity I serve, I lead. Love is my motivation.

    I am at all times the ideal representative, in word and action, of my university, my fellow ambassadors, my family at home, and my self. I am the integrity of what and who I represent.

    I take extreme ownership over everything in my world. I blame no one; I’m entitled to nothing. I embrace my failures, learn from them, and boldly move past them. Success happens because I make it happen.

    I am a complete individual. No one enjoys life, nor lives it to the fullest more than me.

    For I am a Utah Tech Ambassador; I’m ALL IN!

    The 5 Ethos of an "ALL IN!" Ambassador:
    1. Exhibit Extreme Ownership
    2. Trust The Process
    3. Have a Commitment to Excellence
    4. Be Coachable
    5. Have Fun

    Because the primary function of the Ambassador program is to assist prospective Utah Tech students, Ambassadors should have strong interpersonal skills, the ability to work in team environments, and display enthusiasm for UT. Your application should convey your skills, experience, and assets to the Reviewing Committee. (Following review of portfolios, applicants may receive an invitation to interview.)


    Application Eligibility:

    • The Ambassador position has a full in-state tuition scholarship that is awarded. It also stacks on any University-awarded academic scholarships. This scholarship can only be used for tuition and not fees, room, or board.
    • The Ambassador Scholarship cannot be deferred. For interested individuals that are planning on taking a leave of absence before attending to Utah Tech University, applications will gladly be accepted at the conclusion of your leave of absence. 
    • DACA/Undocumented and International students are eligible for the Ambassador Scholarship. 

    Eligible Applications Must Include:

    • Applicants must already be admitted to Utah Tech as a current or incoming student. (Apply to UT here.)

    • Applicants must have at least a cumulative, unweighted GPA of a 3.0 or higher at the time of applying. 

    • Applicants must submit a one page cover letter indicating their professional qualifications to be a Utah Tech University Ambassador, and why they want to be one.

    • Applicants must provide an accessible link to a video showing the Reviewing Committee what they can expect from the applicant as an ambassador. Video must be 3-5 minutes long.   

    • Applicants must include three references. References should be able to speak to the applicant's professional or academic ability, or to the applicant's overall character. 

    • Applicants must plan on attending Utah Tech for at least two consecutive semesters, summer semester not included, after being selected.


    • Applications for Spring Semester open on October 15th and applications must be submitted by November 15th at 11:59 PM.
    • Applications for Fall Semester open on January 15th and close on February 15th at 11:59 PM.

    We look forward to reviewing your application!

    Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed.